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Hello there,
I'm J'Qui.

Creative Nature {Eco Art} Therapist

Holistic Counsellor

{Adv.Dip. Art Therapy + Hol. Coun (MBE)} 

Creative Care Facilitator

SHE Creative Circle Facilitator

 Gypsy / Gatherer... 



a place for:

Gathered gifts from Nature

Seasons + Cycles | Elements + Directions

Soul + Self | Rituals + Remedies | Circles + Ceremonies

Wandering Workshops + SHE Creative Circles

For as long as the seasons have changed,

Nature has been my companion.

A calming energy + grounding influence,

inspiring me to

experience, explore, express + expand


Creativity evolves as we

experience, explore + express,


has evolved through my experiences...


find J'Qui,

QUI         CreaTivE

is my marketplace for grassroots

connection to community!

It's also a place

to showcase + share my

gathered gifts

from Nature for

 nurturing your own

Creative Nature...


... seeded in the Red Centre Desert 

over twelve years ago, 2008....




Creative Care in community 

is where my professional training

best serves my purpose + my passion...

Creative NatureTherapy 

re-connects us to

Nature + Self.


"I have CREATED my life  journey

Nature is my companion,

my medicine + my craft.

Creativity my compass 

+  the Seasons my guide!"

J"Qui xh

" the beauty of a butterfly lies within its journey..."

"through connections + culture
  we create community..."

  Creativity is a journey...

 Eco-Art is eco-friendly! 
Utilising natural recycled, reclaimed or re-purposed materials
+ gathered gifts from Nature ensures
the wellbeing of our Planet... 
Eco-Art (re)-connects us to our environment + Self.
 Eco-art therapy is the blend of using art therapy processes 
in a natural (outdoor) environment,
creating art with Natures gathered gifts...
Seasonal SomethingS 


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