About J'Qui
(needs to be finished + finalised)

A daughter, sister, aunt, mother, friend, lover,

Sage of three, + Crone of two…I am SHE…

 Soul  Hearted  Expression,

For as long as the seasons have changed,

I have had curiosity to

experience, explore + express


I have lived in many landscapes through many changing seasons,

physically, spiritually and metaphorically…

A seasoned soul, with a life full of creative experiences.

 floral designer, event decorator,

a traveller, world wanderer,

festival gypsy + market goer,

a green gatherer, an eco-artist,

a nest maker, a gardener, a weaver,

student + teacher,

a truth teller + soul seeker

meditator, mediator,

art therapist + counsellor

a creator, facilitator

+ so much more…