Sat, 04 Aug


Canberra, ACT

Weaving Tree MagiQ Workshop

How do you manifest what you want when you don’t know where to start, nor what it looks like? Weave what you want into your Tree of Life...

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Weaving Tree MagiQ Workshop

Time & Venue

04 Aug 2018, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Canberra, ACT

This seasonal series...

How do you manifest what you want when you don’t know where to start nor what it looks like?

If we visualise a tree, we start at its roots — it’s where it comes from.

Our roots are our values in life… Do you know what you value in life?

Your values reflect the truth of who you are, they reflect your essence!

Your values reflect what matters to you, what you stand for and what gives you a sense of purpose.

Your purpose and essentially your passion.

Your values point you in one direction… the direction of your bliss…

Each one of us have a handful of core values that are the essence of what is truly important to us.

When you identify these values you are more likely to cultivate a life that is congruent to who you want to be in this world.

When you honour your values through daily rituals you lead a life that is true to yourself.

Clarifying these values are the roots to your Tree of Life…

This workshop follows the 45min taster workshop held at the Ultimate Women's Weekend 2018, but it not essential to have attended. [Re]Connect with J'Qui and connect with other soul-seeking women in this full-day workshop.

Q. I'm new to all of this... is that ok?

Of course. If you’re new to nurturing your inner nature, there will be plenty of guidance along the way. The most sustainable spiritual practices are those that we can seamlessly weave into our regular, everyday lives. This is the perfect way to dip your toes in and experience an exclusive (free) introductory workshop at the Ultimate Women's Weekend Expo.

Q. The venue says to TBD, what does that mean?

The venue for Create + Connect workshops is revealed within 48 hours prior to the event, which allows a little flexibility depending on numbers; a more intimate location for smaller gatherings or an appropriate venue for larger numbers etc. If you are booking for more than one person, please ensure you add a note to your booking with their email address.

About J'Qui...

Having travelled many landscapes from the bluest of mountains to golden seashores... the Red Centre desert to the green English moors, nature has been a constant companion for J'Qui, an Eco Earth Gypsy.

Using nature as her medicine and through her craft, it has always been close by to heal her heart, soothe her soul and always nurture her inner Nature.

With reclaimed & recycled mediums, J'Qui is able to honour and capture the uniqueness of Nature through all her creative processes. This is also reflected in her healing circles, the Green Lunar Gatherings.

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