Women krafting in circle 
creates Magick...

  Create  Circle

Influenced by a rich tapestry of creatives;

I have been actively engaged in women’s creative and holistic communities, including markets, festivals + workshops, since an early age.

These influences are tightly woven into my unique facilitating and krafting style.

My creative passion is connecting women

to the spiritual + creative essence of Nature.

I look forward to welcoming you to circle.


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Opening up to a space of

soul-hearted expression;

creates magick that's only possible in sacred women's circle…

trust & support, belonging, healing

+ sharing a lived experience...



Krafting through the Seasons, takes us on a journey...

Krafting your own journey begins here...

Women are Creators..

 Throughout the seasons of time,

women have gathered to connect + create;

harvesting healing herbs 

or cooking soul food 

Dancing in ceremony or

krafting remedies + rituals

Beading native seeds for adornment

or weaving stories into the fabric of life…

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