"When we reflect on our place in the cycle of life, in the cycle of creation of which we are all a part,

we learn that the cycles + seasons of our own existence each have a valuable part to play in our Creative Self..."

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We all have a creative nature!
 Creativity is nurturing your imagination to visualise + create
 abundant possibilities...

"Creativity has the power to heal,

empower + transform.

  It awakens us to the 'old ways'

to our own inner

            wisdom + knowing,              

that deep place within us

that is

our Creative Nature."









 Crafting through the Seasons,

 takes us on a journey...




your Creative Nature.

Crafting your own journey begins here...




 Seasons of Creativity

 Spring Maiden:  Seeding the Change 

Creative energies are renewed.

Ideas are cultivated + seeded. 

Sprouting with new possibilities + pathways.

 Summer Mother:  Blossoming the Abundance

Creative energies are abundant. 

         Blossoming in fullness, growing into fruition. 

 Autumn Queen/Maga: Harvesting the Wisdom

Creative energies are turning inward.

 Preparation of projects, planning to harvest our knowledge + how best to share our bounty.

 Winter Crone:  Weaving + Dreaming our Wisdom

Honouring stillness + silence, surrendering our   

Creative energies to a cocoon of contemplation + reflection.



 Explore your Creative Nature, 

nestled in the knowing,

that we are all born CREATIVE.


Throughout the seasons of time,

women have gathered to connect + create.

From collecting healing herbs for medicine

or cooking soul food for family

Dancing in ceremony or making  remedies + rituals

Beading native seeds for adornment

or weaving stories into the fabric of life…

Gathering together in circle

is the power of women

coming together

 creating a space 

 for connection, community + creativity.

It is a forgotten art in our modern society.


Express your (Creative) Self

to expand your skills + strengths


in Sister Circle




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Your Creative Nature is calling you for more play, more connections,

more nurturing + more creativity...

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Creative Sister Circles
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