the gathering together of women
creating a safe place in circle
for Soul Hearted Expression.
 Sister Circles 
+ Krafting Workshops

Influenced by a rich tapestry of  creatives;

 As a grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, wife,

partner, friend + more...  

I have been actively engaged

in women’s creative & holistic communities

Since an early age…

these influences are tightly woven

 into my unique facilitating + krafting styles. 

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Women are Creators..

 Throughout the seasons of time,

women have gathered to connect + create.

From collecting healing herbs for medicine

or cooking soul food for family

Dancing in ceremony or

krafting remedies + rituals

Beading native seeds for adornment

or weaving stories into the fabric of life…

Krafting through the Seasons, takes us on a journey...

Krafting your own journey begins here...

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            The Dickson Street Space is a beautiful little venue, ideally located in the heart of Sydney's inner-west and regularly serviced by nearby public transport.

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"Creativity has the power to heal,

empower + transform.

  It awakens us to the 'old ways' ,

+ teaches us new ways...

It opens us up to our

             inner wisdom + knowing, 

that deep place within 

that is our

Creative Nature."

J'Qui x

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